Sensible Chuckle


What does Sensible Chuckle mean?

Sensible chuckle is an animated GIF that is taken from a scene of Danger 5, an Australian comedy TV series from the early 2010s.

The GIF features a man softly chuckling while reading a magazine that wears the title Sensible Chuckle.

As a meme, it can be used as a reaction image to express that we find something comical, either genuinely or ironically.



What's the origin of Sensible Chuckle?

Danger 5 season 2 premiered in Australia in 2012.

The scene, where the GIF is taken from, is from episode 3. In this episode Tucker, one of the fictional characters, reads the fictional magazine Sensible Chuckle.

The GIF was submitted in the /r/reactiongifs subreddit on Reddit in 2013.

Spread & Usage

How did Sensible Chuckle spread?

It took less than a day for the users of Reddit to launch /r/SensibleChuckle after the original GIF landed on the site.

In the same year, a video, featuring an interview with the actor of Tucker from Danger 5, was uploaded on YouTube. He discussed the meme in short detail during the interview.

Eventually the meme made it to /r/funny and to other sites like Funny Junk.

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