Shoot Your Goo, My Dude!


What does Shoot Your Goo, My Dude! mean?

Shoot your goo, my dude! refers to a parody hentai quote, mostly depicted on a panel from Limit Break.

It is predominantly used online in a humorous context, making fun of sexual situations.

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What's the origin of Shoot Your Goo, My Dude!?

The first sighting of the phrase “Shoot you goo, my dude!” can be traced to a tweet, shared by @Octopimp on May 20th, 2016.

The tweet depicts a panel from the hentai doujin where a girl is depicted with an ahegao face, paired with the ironic phrase “Shoot your goo, my dude!”.

Spread & Usage

How did Shoot Your Goo, My Dude! spread?

Within four days, YouTube personality FrankJavCee also tweeted the line.

“Shoot your goo, my dude!” would start appearing in various SoundCloud uploads, where users would be reading the line with a voice that resembles hentai dubs.

By October 2016, the meme would appear on YouTube, with various parodies and readings having been uploaded.

Image macros and other references to the meme would also be uploaded to Reddit, starting in early 2017.

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