Skinny Legend


What does Skinny Legend mean?

Skinny Legend refers to a popular online slang expression, especially used by Stans (hardcore fans) of celebrities.

The phrase is used by these devoted followers of artists and public personalities to express their love for them, through complimenting their physical appearance.

skinny legend


What's the origin of Skinny Legend?

While the exact origins of the expression are not known, it started emerging on Twitter in the summer of 2015, initially in relation to Christina Aguilera, then “skinny legend’s” popularity would shift to Demi Lovato.

By the summer of 2016, fans of Mariah Carey would also take up the phrase in their tweets.

Spread & Usage

How did Skinny Legend spread?

By 2017, discussions would start emerging on the use of “skinny legend” on various sites like ATRL.

Despite this, the trend would remain viral on Twitter, with users applying the phrase both seriously and sarcastically, pairing it with obvious photoshop edits of celebrities.

“Skinny legend” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on May 27th, 2017, with numerous entries having been written since.

The expression would reach a wider audience in 2018, as it would break out of Twitter on to other platforms like Reddit and tabloid magazines.

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