So Anyway, I Started Blasting


What does So Anyway, I Started Blasting mean?

So Anyway, I Started Blasting is an iconic quote from the well admired TV sitcom; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, said by the character Frank Reynolds, portrayed by everyone’s bald, weird dude; Danny DeVito.

The sentence is heard in a hilarious situation, where he is talking about gun safety on a local television broadcast.

Reddit adopted it as a reaction image in 2019 and turned it into yet another meme.

So anyway, I started blasting


What's the origin of So Anyway, I Started Blasting?

The episode, “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot” made its debut in the United States in 2013, where we can see the scene, that turned into the meme itself.

DeVito’s character is telling a story about a robbery, where he attacks the criminals with his “pieces” and considers the act as heroic.

The first edit of the meme got uploaded to the It’s Always Sunny Facebook group in 2019, taking inspiration from the popular theme of police brutality on unarmed black men.

Spread & Usage

How did So Anyway, I Started Blasting spread?

By the next day, the meme had turned up on Reddit as well, leading to its spread as a format, as is common.

Initially it was seen in the /r/IASIP subreddit, but then it made it to the usual /r/HistoryMemes and /r/dankmemes subreddit as well.

After this, the path was set for the meme to be seen on basically all of the major meme sites and groups.

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