So It Begins


What does So It Begins mean?

So It Begins is one of the most memorable quotes from the legendary Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The phrase is uttered by the stress ridden King Théoden in the second installment of the story, right before the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

“So It Begins” is often quoted in relation to ominous events, to express a perturbation about the situation, and online it is a frequently used reaction image and GIF, often preceding comment wars and meme duels.


What's the origin of So It Begins?

“So It Begins” comes from the second film from Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy; “The Two Towers,” which premiered in the United States on December 5th, 2002.

Right toward the middle of the film, right before the Uruk Hai army of Saruman storm the fortress of Helm’s DeepKing Théoden (portrayed by Bernard Hill) says the ominous sentence, as a hail of storm begins to take place.

“So It Begins” adds weight to the moment, expressing the fear and despair, lurking in the defenders of mankind, facing off agains the orks of Saruman.

The expression became a favored quote among the fandom of “The Lord of the Rings,” who began using it after the release of the film.

Spread & Usage

How did So It Begins spread?

“So It Begins” was first written about on Urban Dictionary in 2009, marking the ascension of the phrase into pop culture and internet lingo. It became a meme after a post on Reddit in 2013, on which a child was displayed, standing next to a pole, on a table.

Soon after that, an image macro was created with a photo of Gandalf (portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen) from the fantasy epic, mixed with the phrase. In 2013, countless image macros were created, misattributing the expression to Gandalf.

The meme had been reoccurring on platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and 9GAG, either in the previously mentioned image macro containing Gandalf, or on the original frame taken from the movie.

Later on in the 2010s, image macros, reaction GIFs and even videos began surfacing online, depicting King Théoden standing in the rain, murmuring “So It Begins.”

The phrase remains a frequently referenced expression, especially adored by nerds and Neckbeards, who Studied the Blade and strive to appear as epic as possible.

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