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What does Society If mean?

Society If, also referred to as The World If or How Society Would Look, is a popular image macro series depicting the transformational effects of a hypothetical utopian society.

The series is paired with captions such as “Society if X happened” and “Society if X didn’t exist,” which often reference the idea of an ideal or utopian society. The images typically depict a utopian city or landscape, paired with the caption to illustrate how different people and environments could flourish in a world with better ideals or without certain problems or obstacles.

This series is popular in part because it allows viewers to contemplate the positive change that could come from certain ideas or decisions that, if implemented in real life, could potentially improve our world.

society if


What's the origin of Society If?

On February 23rd, 2018, user bhrisgreen uploaded a meme to Twitter that depicted a utopia, with the captions “society if bobby shmurda never went to jail”.

By doing this, bhrisgreen created one of the earliest examples of the meme. Soon after the post by bhrisgreen, Instagram user zyrethesavage uploaded a similar meme, but with a different utopist illustration, on March 2nd. The caption still remained the same, “society if bobby shmurda never went to jail”.

Spread & Usage

How did Society If spread?

“Society If” memes are humorous and often exaggerated depictions of social scenarios, showcasing the ironic or ridiculous realities and norms of a given society. These memes have become increasingly popular on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and would also appear on Reddit sporadically.

Countless variations and iterations have appeared over the years, often referencing pop culture news and other memes.

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