Some Of You May Die


What does Some Of You May Die mean?

Some of you may die, refers to a meme, derived from a quote by Lord Farquaad in Shrek.

The full quote, “Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make” was said by the character to knights at the opening of the tournament.

Online, the quote became popular on image macros, used for expressing indifference about the death of someone.

Some of you may die


What's the origin of Some Of You May Die?

Shrek premiered in the United States on April 22nd, 2001.

In one of the scenes, the ogre is going to the castle of Lord Farquaad who is hosting a tournament for determining who will rescue Fiona.

It is here, the character with certain shortcomings utters the “Some of you may die” line.

Spread & Usage

How did Some Of You May Die spread?

The quote would appear on image macros on 9GAG, starting in January, 2014.

An isolated clip of the original scene was uploaded to YouTube by Nolan Bennett on February 13th, 2014, with the title “Some of You May Die”.

The meme would start emerging on Reddit in February, 2015, mainly on the r/funny and r/AdviceAnimals subs.

Over the years, the meme enjoyed a large popularity online, appearing on image macros and GIFs, spreading to sites like Reddit, 9GAG, iFunny,, Instagram, Twitter and Imgur.

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