Something’s Wrong I Can Feel It


What does Something’s Wrong I Can Feel It mean?

Something’s wrong I can feel it is a reaction image that refers to the famous American artist Eminem’s 2013 hit song titled Rap God.

The image is a screenshot taken from the track’s intro part, in which Eminem appears in a black suit and sunglasses while saying “something’s wrong, I can feel it”, giving an impression of the artificial intelligence impersonator character Max Headroom.

The meme is used on the internet in situations where an obvious tension is caused by somebody’s wrongful behaviors.


What's the origin of Something’s Wrong I Can Feel It?

Rap God was the indisputable top rap hit of 2013 in the U.S. and all over the world. The song’s extraordinary flow, creative lyrics and memorable video clip have made possible for the official video to reach over 1.2 billion views over the years.

As a meme, something’s wrong I can feel it started out on Reddit’s /r/Memes forum in 2019.

Spread & Usage

How did Something’s Wrong I Can Feel It spread?

The meme has made appearances on all major social media platforms and meme sharing sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, starting from 2019.

Something’s wrong I can feel it was also made into an exploitable format on the site DeviantArt, with the artist switching up Eminem’s figure for other recognizable pop-culture characters from games and anime.

There are also several sites that have something’s wrong I can feel it’s image macro as a template for editing, such as Imgflip and

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