Sopa De Macaco


What does Sopa De Macaco mean?

Sopa de Macaco (meaning “monkey soup” in Portuguese) is a phrase originally implemented into a meme in order to mock Brazilian people.

It is usually by the following statement: “Uma Delicia” (translates to “a delicacy”)

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What's the origin of Sopa De Macaco?

In 2016, Facebook user Bettynho Zirigdum posted an album on his wall, containing photos of her mother-in-law’s special dish: monkey soup; with the caption saying “Sopa de Macaco, Uma Delicia

The album presented the steps of dish’s preparation in a grotesquely detailed manner: starting by giving the viewer an insight of how the monkeys are chopped up, finishing with Bettynho happily enjoying the meal.

The original post since then has been removed.

Spread & Usage

How did Sopa De Macaco spread?

The image first started circulating in a Brazilian humor site Arreganho.

It almost took one year until the forum 4chan /int/ discovered the potentials of Sopa de Macaco and started using it to mock Latino people, especially Brazilians.

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