Source Dude Trust Me


What does Source Dude Trust Me mean?

Source: Dude trust me (or Source(s): Dude trust me) is a classic example of an internet reaction image meme.

The image bears very few attributes: it appears to be a screenshot of a website features a footnote which marks the source of the content. Under this feature stands the following text: “Dude trust me”, giving the impression that in fact, there is no actual source.

It is a meme which can be used when one’s aim is to convince somebody about being well informed, even though they can not back up their knowledge with supportive evidence.

Dude Trust Me


What's the origin of Source Dude Trust Me?

Because of its simplistic nature, we know very little regarding the origin of the Source: Dude trust me meme.

However, one of the first instants of the meme being submitted online was a post on Imgur from February 2019.

Spread & Usage

How did Source Dude Trust Me spread?

The Source: Dude trust me reaction-meme has seen a mild spread on the internet over the years.

A few examples of the websites and communities include Reddit’s /r/Memes and Pinterest.

The meme was added to the site KnowYourMeme in 2020, labeled as “reaction image”.

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