Sparkle On! It’s Wednesday!


What does Sparkle On! It’s Wednesday! mean?

Sparkle On! It’s Wednesday! is a popular captchphrase and internet meme, referencing the It’s Wednesday My Dudes meme.

The meme is created using a blurry image of Jerma985, Twitch streamer and YouTuber. The whole catchphrase goes as “Sparkle On! It’s Wednesday” Don’t Forget to Be Yourself!” and it is used mainly as an exploitable video and image macro, seen in parodies and remixes.


What's the origin of Sparkle On! It’s Wednesday!?

The meme’s image originates from a 2017 Twitch stream of Jerma985, in which he is playing the video game TV Superstars,” a game, which uses live footage of players. At some point in the stream, a photo of the streamer is show in the video game, which was later used as the image macro for the “Sparkle On! It’s Wednesday!” format.

A long time has passed since the first airing of the stream until the photo was turned into a meme, as the first example of the template was uploaded to Tumblr on May 11th, 2022 by user campyvillain, who included the catchphrase in the captions of the image macro.


Spread & Usage

How did Sparkle On! It’s Wednesday! spread?

In the following months, the “Sparkle On! It’s Wednesday!” meme spread rapidly across Tumblr, with GIFs and newer image macros, featuring glittery fonts appearing on the social media site consistently.

Various other photos of Jerma985 were also used for the meme, creating several variations for the format.

The “Sparkle On! It’s Wednesday!” template also spread to other sites in 2022, such as Twitter, YouTube, as well as TikTok.

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