Splish Splash Your Opinion Is Trash


What does Splish Splash Your Opinion Is Trash mean?

Splish splash your opinion is trash is a rhyming way of letting someone know that your beliefs differ.

Online, it is sometimes captioned on an image of a rubber duck, floating in a pool.


What's the origin of Splish Splash Your Opinion Is Trash?

The phrase was first posted by an anonymous user as the title of a meme in the r/dreamtheater subreddit.

A week later, Tees by YB started selling clothing with the quote on Amazon.

Spread & Usage

How did Splish Splash Your Opinion Is Trash spread?

“Splish splash your opinion is trash” was defined on Urban Dictionary on May 25th, 2020.

In August, a song was uploaded to YouTube by REVENGE, titled “Splish Splash Your Opinion is Trash”.

Following that, the phrase started appearing on Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest memes.

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