What does Spoopy mean?

The internet slang term Spoopy describes something that is spooky in a cute, childish or a comical way.

The misspelled word “Spoopy” is a combination of the words “spooky” and “poopy”, hence the popularity of the phrase.

Spoopy level is rising!


What's the origin of Spoopy?

The term first appeared in 2009 on Flickr by the user clickfarmer. The picture features a Halloween decoration taken at a Ross department store that misspelled spooky, therefore the origin of the term “Spoopy”.

However, the term didn’t get much recognition after the picture was posted. It became a meme when it went viral in 2013.

It happened on Tumblr when a user going by the name sp00pyzorak3 posted the original picture next to a Halloween cake ornamented with its own misspelled “Spoopy” decoration “creppy” for creepy.

Spread & Usage

How did Spoopy spread?

According to Google Trends since 2013, the term has been popular every single year since then on Halloween.

The term perfectly fits the viral puppy videos and memes too, such as in Doge Memes and DoggoLingo,  in which they purposely use bad grammar and misspelled words, such as a dog would probably do.

They also use so called cutesy words, such as “Spoopy” and “Henlo”.

“Spoopy” is also popular in anime, furry or cosplay communities online, to describe their favourite Halloween-themed character.

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