Stop It, Get Some Help


What does Stop It, Get Some Help mean?

Stop it, get some help is a memorable quote from Michael Jordan, said in an anti-drug PSA.

The quote turned viral in the mid-2010’s, as Vine and YouTube users would use it as a reaction video to content of people behaving or saying things, that are shunned by most.

Stop it get some help


What's the origin of Stop It, Get Some Help?

The public service announcement premiered on ABC on May 26th, 1987, following the network’s anti-drug program; Cracked Up.

The anti-drug announcement, which was – ironically – sponsored by McDonald’s; pusher of processed food and sugar, had Michael Jordan pleading those struggling with substance abuse to “Stop it, get some help”.

The YouTube channel, Propaganda Time uploaded the PSA on September 22nd, 2011.

Spread & Usage

How did Stop It, Get Some Help spread?

The clip would see a lot of parody edits, with the earliest one having been uploaded to Vine by James King in January, 2014.

“Stop it, get some help” would become a popular reaction video on Vine and YouTube, with its popularity rising rapidly in 2016 and peaking in Feburary, 2017.

It would be combined with clips where people commit acts or state things that are considered cringeworthy and are shunned at.

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