Suffering From Success


What does Suffering From Success mean?

Suffering from success is a reaction meme that comes from a 2013 DJ Khaled album that bears the same title.

On the album cover we can see Khaled, who appears as somewhat troubled, with his head in his palm. He also wears lots of jewelry on him, making the title very self-explanatory.

The meme template is used both genuinely and ironically, to reflect on a person’s achievements.


What's the origin of Suffering From Success?

Suffering from Success dropped in May 2013 in the U.S, and was DJ Khaled’s seventh studio album.

The first use of the meme tracks back to Tumblr, where user milesupshur posted the original cover and captioned it as the following: “when u make a popular post and it blows up your notifications“.

Spread & Usage

How did Suffering From Success spread?

The meme started to spread in Facebook meme-sharing groups around 2017.

Eventually, suffering from success landed on different forums of Reddit, like /r/MemeEconomy or /r/dankmemes

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