Sure, Jan


What does Sure, Jan mean?

Sure, Jan, also referred to as George Glass is a popular Tumblr expression, depicted on image macros of Marica Brady or Jan Brady, used for dismissing someone’s statements, while also expression disbelief.

Sure Jan


What's the origin of Sure, Jan?

The quote originates from A Very Brady Sequel, which premiered in the United States on August 23rd, 1996.

In one of the scenes, Jan is lying to her sister, Marcia (portrayed by Jennifer Elise Cox and Christine Taylor respectively) about having a boyfriend, George Glass from school.

It is here, Marcia says the line, “Sure, Jan”.

Spread & Usage

How did Sure, Jan spread?

In January 2015, Tumblr discussions would emerge about the film, as users would mock the Marcia’s bad pronunciation of the word “school” resulting in the appearance of Sküle.

Other screenshots of the film would also be posted on Tumblr, including “Sure, Jan”.

An isolated clip of the scene was uploaded to YouTube on February 3rd, 2015, by Eamon Casey with the title “Sure, Jan.”

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary on the same day.

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