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What does Surprised Pikachu mean?

Surprised Pikachu is an internet ​meme that typically⁣ features a screenshot of the character Pikachu the popular⁢ children’s anime, Pokémon” with a shocked and surprised expression on its face.

This meme is often used⁤ to convey a sense of⁤ disbelief or astonishment in response to⁤ an unexpected or ironic situation. The image ⁣has become‍ a versatile⁤ reaction meme, used to express a wide range of emotions including shock, confusion, and ‍disbelief.

surprised pikachu


What's the origin of Surprised Pikachu?

The origin of “Surprised Pikachu” can be traced back to a scene from the ‍10th Episode of the Pokémon” anime series, titled “Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village,”⁤ which aired in Japan on June 3rd, 1997.

The meme gained popularity in⁤ the English-speaking ⁢world in ⁢2018, when ​a still image from ⁤the episode resurfaced on social media. It was first shared as a mocking meme on Tumblr during the fall of 2018, by user popokko. The meme rapidly spread to other social platforms, especially Reddit, and it was a highly popular meme format by the beginning of 2019.

Users began overlaying ⁤captions or⁢ text to​ depict situations in which⁢ they ⁣themselves, or⁤ others, would ‌react with a⁢ similar astonished‍ expression as Pikachu.‌ The ‌meme ⁢quickly ⁢spread like wildfire and became a⁤ staple⁤ in ‌internet culture.

Spread & Usage

How did Surprised Pikachu spread?

The “Surprised Pikachu” meme became widely popular⁤ due to its relatable and humorous nature. It‌ quickly spread across various social⁤ media platforms, such​ as Twitter, ⁢Reddit, and Instagram, as users ‌creatively adapted ‌it to⁢ fit countless situations. The versatility⁢ of ​the ⁤meme allowed ⁣it to​ transcend its original ​“Pokémon” context⁤ and become⁣ a cultural phenomenon.

The meme’s widespread usage has even led to the creation⁣ of derivative ⁤versions featuring other “Pokémon” characters or internet personalities, enhancing its adaptability‍ and keeping the meme ​fresh. The impact of Surprised Pikachu’s was so significant that‍ it extended ⁢beyond the online ⁤realm, appearing on merchandise and becoming recognizable to individuals who may not regularly participate⁢ in internet culture.

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