What does T-Pose mean?

The Reference pose, commonly referred to as the T-Pose, is a fundamental stance in animation and video games that simplifies character customization.

As we approached the end of 2010s era, this posture gained immense popularity among meme enthusiasts. However, it had already made its way into memes at the beginning of this decade. Its viral status was further amplified by being deep-fried.

T Pose Thursday


What's the origin of T-Pose?

For more than ten years now, there have been numerous references and depictions of the “T-Pose” circulating on the internet. One of its earliest known appearances was uploaded to Flickr way back in January 2006.

But it wasn’t until a decade later that this post became an instant meme sensation – thanks to deep-fried and shitposting memes. Interestingly enough, one of the very first instances where we saw an animated character donning a “T-Pose” was with Hugh Neutron from the We All Make Mistakes in the Heat of Passion, Jimbo meme which made the rounds online on November 16th, 2016.

Spread & Usage

How did T-Pose spread?

The meme had gone viral, proliferating rapidly, with an assortment of 3D models from TV series and video games being shared on various platforms. It even spawned its own subreddit.

However, a game-changing Instagram post surfaced on Reddit that completely altered the course of this phenomenon. The post featured a WikiHow tutorial teaching students how to become more popular in school by asserting dominance through the “T-Pose.”

This sparked a new wave of memes featuring people striking their best “T-Pose” poses – reminiscent of last decade’s planking craze – which quickly gained popularity across social media channels. Even today, we still see occasional sightings, as well as continued use within video game development circles.

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