What does T-Pose mean?

The T-Pose, otherwise known as Reference pose is a default position in animation and video games, to facilitate the customization of characters.

It became a viral deep fried meme, by the end of the 2010’s, although it was already present in memes by the beginning of the decade.

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What's the origin of T-Pose?

T-Poses are rarely encountered in video games, only in cases of glitches happening, so it has been a topic of discussion for quite a while – basically ever since 3D gaming has been a thing.

In 2006, there were already some references to the pose, as well as some images being uploaded. It took off as a meme in 2016’s surge of deep fried memes and shitposts.

Spread & Usage

How did T-Pose spread?

It had spread rapidly, with various 3D models from Tv series and shows, as well as video games being posted, eventually getting its own subreddit.

An Instagram post that had spread on Reddit however changed the whole narrative of the meme. The image featured a WikiHow tutorial to becoming more popular at school, by asserting dominance, taking up the T-Pose.

Following this, people started uploading memes of them T-Posing, recreating the vibes of the last decade’s planking craze. T posing is still used up to this day in video game development, as well as the occasional meme sightings.

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