Take My Energy


What does Take My Energy mean?

In the realm of gaming, Take My Energy has become a popular meme utilized by enthusiasts to rally behind their favorite player or team in online chat rooms such as those found on Twitch.tv.

This phrase serves as an expression of well wishes and encouragement for success, often accompanied by the use of this Kaomoji ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ.

Interestingly enough, its origins stem from Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z where Son Goku can be seen with arms raised high requesting that everyone channel their power towards him – a sentiment now adopted within gamer culture.


Take my energy ╰(゜Д゜)╯


What's the origin of Take My Energy?

The expression “Take My Energy” has its roots in the widely adored anime series, Dragon Ball Z.

his iconic show first hit our screens back in 2005, and it was during this time that the phrase made its debut.

In one of the most memorable episodes, we see Son Goku – who is undoubtedly at center stage throughout much of the series – imploring individuals from all corners of the universe to lend him their strength, so he can summon a powerful technique known as “Genki Dama” (or spirit bomb if you prefer) which will ultimately defeat his arch-nemesis Majin Buu.

Later, this quote from the epic anime was adopted by gamers worldwide, leading to the creation of a slang, found especially on Twitch.tv.

Spread & Usage

How did Take My Energy spread?

During the 2010s, the expression “Take My Energy” has become a popular catchphrase among gamers, particularly on streaming platforms such as Twitch.tv.

This phrase owes its widespread use to the immense global following of Dragon Ball Z – it’s practically ubiquitous online.

“Take My Energy” can be encountered in a wide variety of games, both in the chat section, as well as the streams of players, not to mention Discord servers.

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