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What does Take my energy mean?

The phrase “take my energy” is a meme used by gamers to support the player or team they are routing for on a streaming sites chat room, like the one on twitch.tv.

The phrase usually means to wish/give good luck to someone and it is accompanied by this Kaomoji ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

The phrase and kaomoji originates from Japanese anime series called Dragon Ball, where Son Goku, the main protagonist can be seen holding his arms in the air and asking for everyone to give him their power.

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What's the origin of Take my energy?

The phrase “take my energy” originates from a well known and loved anime series all around the world, which is called Dragon Ball Z.

The anime has aired in 2005, where the phrase was first used.

In the episode where the main protagonist of the whole series, whose name is Son Goku, is asking for everyone around the universe to share their energy with him, so he can perform a “genki dama” (or spirit bomb in the English version) to defeat “Majin Buu”.

Spread & Usage

How did Take my energy spread?

The phrase “take my energy” is well-known and used by the gaming community on streaming sites like twitch.tv.

Thanks to the huge worldwide fanbase of the Dragon Ball franchise, it is used a lot on the internet, almost everywhere.

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