Task Failed Successfully


What does Task Failed Successfully mean?

Task failed successfully is a popular example from error message parodies, that are a parody of real error messages, or are designed to report of a failure in a drole manner.

“Task failed successfully” is often seen on memes as a reaction image macro, to describe a failure with unexpected upsides.

Task failed successfully


What's the origin of Task Failed Successfully?

The site atom.smasher.org was launched on January 22nd, 2005, with the purpose of allowing visitors to generate humorous error messages, using a series of icons.

Within a few days, a gallery of user-made error messages was published on the site.

While “task failed successfully” originates from this site, it is unclear when exactly it was created, however it has been around since at least 2013, as an early case of the error message was uploaded to Imgur on January 11th, 2013.

Spread & Usage

How did Task Failed Successfully spread?

Starting in 2015, “task failed successfully” would appear in a number of memes, paired with captions, newspaper headlines and other texts, that are contradictory.

The meme can be encountered on numerous sites, such as Reddit, Imgur, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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