Taste the Rainbow


What does Taste the Rainbow mean?

Taste the rainbow is an advertising slogan turned meme and phrase with various colorful sexual connotations.

It is the slogan of the popular candy company, Skittles who sell M&M-like candies, in all colors of a rainbow.

It is also used colloquially for various sexual practices, like having a homosexual experience as a straight person, as well as having sex with multiple people with different complexions.

Online “taste the rainbow, motherfucker” is a popular catchphrase, appearing as the caption of image macros with a rainbow on them.

Taste the rainbow?


What's the origin of Taste the Rainbow?

Skittles adopted the phrase as their slogan in 1994 and has been using “taste the rainbow” ever since.

Over the years, the success of the candies and its advertisements resulted in the phrase establishing itself in the lexicon of the current generations.

Spread & Usage

How did Taste the Rainbow spread?

“Taste the rainbow” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2004, with several humorous interpretations having been written on the site since then.

It was turned into a meme in 2010, when the YouTube channel Nostalgia Critic uploaded a video about The Care Bears movie.

In the movie, the bears use a projection of a rainbow to defeat an eagle, which scene was dubbed by Nostalgia Critic, saying the words “taste the rainbow, motherfucker”.

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