That Boy Ain’t Right


What does That Boy Ain’t Right mean?

That boy ain’t right is a signature catchphrase of the fictional charater Hank Hill from animated TV-series King of the Hill.

On the internet the phrase is often used as a reaction meme in either GIF or image macro formats.

It is generally applied when someone tries to express being confused or weirded out by someone else.


What's the origin of That Boy Ain’t Right?

The catchphrase has always been rather popular in the King of the Hill fandom. However, as a meme, we don’t exactly know when was the first notable appearance of That boy ain’t right.

In 2012, an article on Urban Dictionary was submitted, which explained the meaning of the phenomena.

Spread & Usage

How did That Boy Ain’t Right spread?

The meme in reaction GIF form started to spread on sites like Tenor around 2013.

Later the image macro versions were starting to spread around Reddit, especially in the /r/KingOfTheHill subreddit.

In 2016, a video titled That boy ain’t right was uploaded on YouTube by user Christian Taborga, that contained just a 2 second clip of Hank uttering the quote. It has gained 180.000 views since.

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