The Darkest Timeline


What does The Darkest Timeline mean?

The darkest timeline is a popular pessimistic reference to the multiverse theory, stating that we constantly experience the worst-case scenario from the endless possibilities provided by a multiverse with alternate timelines.

The expression was popularized by the situational comedy series, Community and is often referenced when news of disaster spread around the world.


What's the origin of The Darkest Timeline?

The multiverse theory is widely associated with Erwin Schrödinger who proposed it in 1952.

“The darkest timeline” was featured in the Season 3 Episode 4 of Community, which first aired on October 11th, 2011 with the title Remedial Chaos Theory and the concept would remain a reoccurring theme throughout the runtime of the show.

Spread & Usage

How did The Darkest Timeline spread?

“The darkest timeline” would be featured in discussions online ever since the aforementioned Community episode, with arguments and conversations spawning on sites like Reddit, Twitter, 4chan as well as numerous blogs and other social media sites.

The phenomenon became particularly popular, following 2016, when it was often cited along the Mandela Effect and argued for by the presidency of Donald Trump.

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