The Person Above Me


What does The Person Above Me mean?

The person above me refers to the series of exploitable memes that feature a well-recognized pop culture character or a symbol pointing upwards to the top of the screen.

These memes usually feature a sort of statement, either genuine or controversial, and are usually posted in threads or in the comment section, giving the expression that the statement is meant for whoever posted/commented prior to the poster of the meme.



What's the origin of The Person Above Me?

It is currently unknown who came up initially with the format, but an early example of an image featuring the caption β€œthe person above me” is a My hero Academy meme from 2014, which was posted on Imgur by user Shigaraki.

Spread & Usage

How did The Person Above Me spread?

The person above me memes have appeared in various different meme-sharing sites throughout the years, starting from late 2013.

Templates for the meme were added on the sites Memegenerator and, later these sites also compiled the different derivatives as well.

In 2021, Reddit user Uncultured_swine0369 posted a the person above me meme in the subreddit r/memes.

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