The Secret Ingredient Is Crime


What does The Secret Ingredient Is Crime mean?

The secret ingredient is crime is a memorable quote from the Peep Show.

Online a screenshot of the scene is used as a reaction image, also appearing on image macros.

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What's the origin of The Secret Ingredient Is Crime?

The quote comes from the British comedy series titled the Peep Show.

It can be heard in Season 2’s Episode 4, titled University Challenge in which a scene depicts Super Hans (played by Matt King) handing a stolen bar of chocolate to Jeremy (portrayed by Robert Webb).

When Jeremy states that the chocolate is tasty, Super Hans replies “the secret ingredient is crime”.

Spread & Usage

How did The Secret Ingredient Is Crime spread?

The snippet was turned into a meme in October, 2014, as it started appearing on various subreddits.

“The secret ingredient is crime” became a popular trope being used as both a phrase and a meme format on several sites, like Reddit, Imgur or 9GAG.

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