The Violence Has Escalated


What does The Violence Has Escalated mean?

The violence has escalated is a type of meme that is used to complement situations that include violence or fighting

It is usually a combination of a soldier or a recognizable fighter from a sub-culture, and a Win95-style message box stating “The violence has escalated”.


What's the origin of The Violence Has Escalated?

In 2018, a video by user Gyan Ko was uploaded to YouTube. It featured a soldier’s image and a voice saying “the violence has escalated” in a weirdly pronounced way.

Under the soldier we could also see the Windows 95 system-message box. The aesthetics of the combination of these images laid down the foundations of the template.

Spread & Usage

How did The Violence Has Escalated spread?

Although the original video never saw a great success, some re-inventions of the violence has escalated became relatively popular on forums like Reddit.

In 2019, the most successful take on the template, with a picture of a trooper holding his weapon like a club, landed in r/Memes, reaching a massive 8.1k upvotes.

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