The Weak Should Fear The Strong


What does The Weak Should Fear The Strong mean?

The weak should fear the strong refers to an exploitable image, depicting one character or person displaying their dominance over the other, paired with a Facebook comment “the weak should fear the strong”.


What's the origin of The Weak Should Fear The Strong?

The first case of the phrase emerged in the comment section of a Million Dollar Extreme gallery, uploaded to Facebook on December 8th, 2013.

One of the pictures involves Sam Hyde choking an agitated looking girl in a headlock.

Ryan Moriarty commented “the weak should fear the strong” on the photo on December 10th.

Spread & Usage

How did The Weak Should Fear The Strong spread?

In 2015, Sam Hyde asked users on the Million Dollar Extreme subreddit for images and photos, he could use in a video, to which one of the users redirected him to a page, filled with pictures of himself choking women.

Following that event, variations of the original photo would be created and uploaded to sites such as Reddit, FunnyJunk and Instagram.

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