They’re Groovin


What does They’re Groovin mean?

They’re groovin’ is a further thought version of the Oh Yeah Woo Yeah meme, which has an abstract-looking, dancing stick figure as its central element.

This abstract meme gains its edgy connotations by its poor photo-editing aesthetics and the vibrant colors that are added to the original meme.

The image is often used in image macro formats to symbolize the occasional groovy vibes the poster experiences in a certain situation.

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What's the origin of They’re Groovin?

The original meme surfaced on a meme account called spoomk on Instagram in 2019, generating over 10.000 likes in a few days.

Spread & Usage

How did They’re Groovin spread?

Naturally, the meme initially spread on Instagram.

Not much later after the first meme posted, Reddit discovered the format and redditors fiercely started to manufacture several parodies out of the original format.

One good example is the deep fried version of the original meme which was posted in /r/nukedmemes by lilpastasauce1.

The meme is also featured in a number of Youtube videos. The most memorable video among these is the one which was uploaded to the channel timotainment.

The video featured animations which integrated the meme and a robotic voice saying “They’re groovin”.

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