This Is Brilliant But I Like This


What does This Is Brilliant But I Like This mean?

This is brilliant… but I like this” – a memorable quote, which was uttered during an episode of the British TV series Top Gear, by host Jeremy Clarkson.

The series revolved around showcasing and testing cars by theme, during this episode, the hosts compared two different car models to see which one is more to their liking.

A screenshot, that was taken out from the scene where the quote is said, has been made into an object label image macro meme over the years in internet communities.

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What's the origin of This Is Brilliant But I Like This?

The episode, where the infamous quote was said, was part of season 21. The season aired in 2014 in Britain.

After having finished testing the two vehicles subjected to the comparison, Jeremy Clarkson proceeds to tell his partner Richard Hammond his experiences with the cars.

First he starts off by the Ford Focus. Jeremy says “This is brilliant…” but then he turns in the direction of the Volkswagen Up! and claims “…but I like this.”

Spread & Usage

How did This Is Brilliant But I Like This spread?

The format initially gained traction in the Reddit community /r/MemeEconomy after 2018, and

saw a large spread throughout various subreddits of the site following that.

In 2019 the object label formats became a viral sensation on the internet (Drakeposting for example), and for that reason, this is brilliant but I like this turned out to be a popular choice for meme creators. The format since then has made a great deal of appearances on all major social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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