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What does This is fine mean?

This is fine is a viral, two-panel reaction meme derived from webcomic series Gunshow.

In the original meme, the first panel shows an anthropomorphic dog staring thoughtlessly into the air, while sitting on a chair by a coffee table. Around him, the whole room is swallowed in flames.

In the next panel we see a close up of the same image, but with a speech bubble saying “this is fine” coming from the dog, as a form of assurance while denying all the problems that surround him.

The meme can be seen with various captions describing people in unfortunate situations.

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What's the origin of This is fine?

“This is fine” was originally taken from a webcomic series called Gunshow that was drawn by K. C. Green. It is comic #648 from the series, posted in January 2013.

It was originally named “On Fire” or “The Pills Are Working”, before it gained its meme title.

The comic has 6 panels, including the last one where the dog actually melts from the flames, but the meme only features the first two panels.

K. C. Green’s works are known to have been the inspiration to several well known memes, such as “dickbutt”.

Spread & Usage

How did This is fine spread?

The same year as the comic came out, someone submitted the first two panels of it on a 4chan board for retro games.

January 2014, Reddit user theonefoster uploaded the same two panels to r/funny with the caption implying that it is a good representation of his university stress.

In 2016, the Republican National Committee shared the meme on Twitter, referring to the chaos surrounding the opening day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

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