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What does This is fine mean?

This‌ is Fine is a popular​ line from a webcomic, that is often‍ used sarcastically to⁢ express​ a situation where ⁢everything appears to be going wrong, yet⁣ the⁣ person involved is trying to ‌maintain a positive outlook.

It originated from a ‍comic strip by the artist KC Green, where a dog is sitting in a room engulfed in flames, calmly uttering the words “This is Fine.” The phrase has​ since evolved into a⁤ meme and⁣ is widely used on social ⁢media to ‍express ironic resignation towards any chaotic or ‍disastrous circumstance. ‌It serves as a humorous way to cope with stress and convey a sense of acceptance even in the face⁣ of overwhelming chaos.

Example: Imagine waking up ‍late, spilling coffee on your⁣ freshly ironed shirt, and finding out that your ⁣car has a flat tire. In such a situation, you might sarcastically say to yourself, “This is‌ fine,” to acknowledge the absurdity of the​ moment while trying to⁤ maintain a positive attitude and keep yourself from getting overwhelmed.

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What's the origin of This is fine?

The “This is⁣ Fine” phrase was shared in January 2013, as the #648th issue of the webcomic series Gunshow, created ​by KC Green, known for his absurd creations, like Dickbutt. The comic depicts ⁣a dog sitting in a room on‍ fire, with the ‌flames closing in and the surroundings falling apart. Despite ⁤the chaos, the dog nonchalantly ⁢states, “This is Fine.”

The comic resonated⁢ with many internet ⁢users as a ​humorous representation of the world’s mishaps and personal struggles. It quickly gained attention and was shared extensively⁣ on various platforms, leading to⁤ its widespread adoption as a meme. However, out of the original 6 panel comic, only the first 2 was adopted as an image macro meme.

Spread & Usage

How did This is fine spread?

Following its introduction ​in the comic strip, the phrase, “This is Fine” rapidly spread across social ⁣media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and⁢ Reddit,⁣ as ⁤users began incorporating the line​ in their captions, comments,⁣ and memes.

The simplicity⁤ and relatability of the phrase, along with the expressive⁢ imagery of the original comic, ⁢contributed to its viral nature.⁣ It transcended various online communities, reaching a wide audience who used it to humorously express their ‍frustrations and acknowledge chaotic situations. The meme’s popularity also led to numerous adaptations and parodies, further cementing its ⁢place​ in internet culture.

Several animated recreations of the orignal “This is Fine” comic was shared online, with one of the most popular being the one Adult Swim Deutschland published on their YouTube channel on February 14th, 2017.

“This is Fine” remains one of the most recognized memes online, still frequently used on reaction images and GIFs on most social media sites.

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