This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito


What does This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito mean?

This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito is an amusingly crafted dialogue between users and Amazon‘s virtual assistant named Alexa requesting her to play the chart-topping song titled “Despacito.” It’s worth noting that this phrase can be personalized by swapping out its musical component for alternative titles to create diverse outcomes.

The irony behind this meme lies in how it blends melancholic emotions with lively beats from Luis Fonsi’s hit single “Despacito.” Its popularity stems from being both humorous and trashy simultaneously – something we all seem drawn towards these days.



What's the origin of This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito?

Although the exact origins of the meme are not known, in 2018, Tumblr was graced with the first mention of what we now know as “This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito.”

This clever quip emerged from its predecessor known as “Can We Hit the Like Button?” which featured an imaginary dialogue ending on a melancholic note followed by an image reading: “This is so sad can we hit 50 likes.” The cherry on top? A character named Sarcastic Bro standing next to it all – perfectly mocking those who seek attention through similar posts.

The format was quickly picked up by memers online, creating a wide array of content, ending with “This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito.”

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How did This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito spread?

Online, bandwagoning and ridiculing have become a beloved pastime. Hence, it comes as no surprise that when this particular phrase made its debut in 2018, it quickly gained traction like wildfire.

In less than two weeks following its initial appearance on Tumblr, hundreds of entries featuring “This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito” flooded the site. And before long, Twitter and Reddit were also conquered by this meme phenomenon during that very same year.

By 2019, even YouTube memes were ample, where an AI-generated voice reads a story, ending in the titular copypasta.

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