This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito


What does This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito mean?

The catchphrase “This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito” refers to a made-up conversation with the digital assistant created by the company Amazon, called Alexa, where the users asks her to play the song called “Despacito”.

The song name can be replaced in the phrase to create different outcomes.

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What's the origin of This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito?

There is no origin set in stone on the internet, but the first mention of the phrase was in 2018 on the social media/blog website called Tumblr.

The creation of the phrase was based on its predecessor called “This is So Sad”, which featured a made-up conversation with a sad outcome that had an added image on the bottom saying: “This is so sad can we hit 50 likes” with the character called “Sarcastic Bro” next to it, hence mocking the attention seeking of similar posts.

Spread & Usage

How did This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito spread?

Since the one of the favourite activities of the people on the internet is bandwagoning and mocking stuff, the use of the phrase spread like crazy.

In just under 2 weeks after its first mention in 2018, the phrase has spawned hundreds of entries to the website Tumblr from where it went on to conquer the social media site Twitter the same year.

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