Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb


What does Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb mean?

Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb refers to a popular animation by u m a m i, depicting Thomas the Tank Engine as a weapon of mass destruction.


What's the origin of Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb?

The original “Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb” animation was published by YouTube user u m a m i on January 16th, 2018.

It depicts Thomas, the bomber carrying “Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb” to a slowed down version of the Thomas the Tank Engine theme, proceeding to annihilate the Fat Controller.

Spread & Usage

How did Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb spread?

By February 2018, the video achieved a viral status, gaining a lot of views on YouTube, while being shared on sites like Reddit.

In the summer of 2019, various image macro memes, depicting a 3D rendering of a falling “Thomas the Thermonuclear Bomb” started to emerge on various subreddits, including r/dankmemes, r/youtubehaiku and even r/wallpapers, while also appearing on 9GAG.

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