What does Thrembo mean?

Thrembo refers to a fictional number, often represented by symbols like ჭ, ∃, or Ϫ. Online, it became a popular meme and an ironic conspiracy theory, revolving around an integer number between 6 and 7.

Discussions started emerging around “Thrembo” in 2021, on 4chan‘s boards, like /qa/, /pol/ and /sci/. Image macros and memes then started spreading to other sites like Reddit, and iFunny.


What's the origin of Thrembo?

According to KnowYourMeme, a possible origin for Thrembo” may be found in iCarly, where one of the episodes depicts the protagonist Carly making up a number between the numbers 5 and 6 to get back at someone. This, however is unconfirmed speculation.

The first documented mention of “Thrembo” comes from a post on 4chan, shared on August 11th, 2021 by an anonymous user on the /qa/ board, who shared an image of a red faced Soyjack attempting to brainwash someone into believing there is no “Thrembo.”


Spread & Usage

How did Thrembo spread?

4chan became rampant with discussions about “Thrembo,” with the number appearing everywhere across the platfrom, ranging from the /qa/ board to /pol/ and even /sci/. 

Image macros, rage comics and reaction memes were created and shared, revolving around the imaginary number, and these even spread to other platforms like Reddit, iFunny and Twitter.

“Thrembo” became a popular make-believe phenonenon, similar to Meme Magic, which also originates from 4chan.

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