Tips fedora


What does Tips fedora mean?

*Tips fedora* is a funny internet meme and expression used to mock people when they go out of their way to try to get a woman to have sex with them.

It refers to the guys that wear the particular hat-type called “fedora” in an attempt to look fancy and elegant.

Unfortunately, it does not work.

The *tips fedora* the guy has a thick, untrimmed neckbeard, is often overweight, and his clothing style expired eons ago – if it was ever trendy.

This is exactly how the man pictured in the internet meme looks, while he shows an awkward smile and tips his hat using two fingers.

People will comment with the *tips fedora* meme, or just the expression, if someone tells a cringeworthy, try-hard story online about what lengths they went through to try to get laid.

With no success.

*Tips fedora*


What's the origin of Tips fedora?

The expression and meme was a response to “white knight” behaviour. Desperate men who try to save the “damsel in distress”, just to realize that holding a door open will usually not get you laid.

In 2012, a user commented *tips fedora* under a post displaying said behaviour in the /v/(Video Games) board on 4chan.

Spread & Usage

How did Tips fedora spread?

About a year later, the expression spread across numerous other 4chan boards, including the /a/(Anime and Manga) board, where it gained huge popularity.

It soon spread to other platforms, first being Tumblr in September 2013. User Nyehs shared a post about being “friend zoned”, with the hashtag *tips fedora*.

It wasn’t until November the same year that the first image macro appeared. Reddit user radarmaxx uploaded an image of an unattractive man tipping a fedora hat in the sub /cringepics.

And for those who like puns, the cryptocurrency FedoraCoin was released in December 2013, with the code name “TIPS”.

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