Two buttons


What does Two buttons mean?

“Two buttons”, or sometimes referred to as “daily struggle”, is an animated meme in image format where you see two buttons, with two different and usually controversial captions, or some very simple common sense statements, and a finger lingering over the two buttons, not knowing which to pick.

Below there is a man with a concerned look on his face and he is sweating, implying that he is highly unsure in his choice between the two buttons.

This is the original meme template I got it from. There are two red buttons so I changed one so the stock image of the man pressing the red button would make sense.


What's the origin of Two buttons?

It originates from October 25th, 2014, when animator Jake Clark posted the original comic to his Tumblr blog, with the original captions being “be a dick” or “don’t be a dick”.

Spread & Usage

How did Two buttons spread?

After that, Two Buttons was posted firstly with the most views on Imgur, but it continued to be used as a meme on different social media platforms, photo shopped in multiple variations.

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