Types of Headaches


What does Types of Headaches mean?

Types of Headaches refers to a series of edited pictures, which represent a different kind of headaches.

The photoshopped meme always adds a fourth type of headache to the real chart of headaches.

The last added condition depicts something that the author of the meme does not like or want.

Types of headaches


What's the origin of Types of Headaches?

The meme derives from a preview image from an article titled “How to Get Rid of a headache in 5 Minutes Without Pills”, which was submitted on the website Bright Side on March 24th. 2017.

The original picture with the blue background was mainly used for reposting of the blog post on sites like Anonhq and Beiruiting.

The earliest known creation was posted several months later on October 30th, by an Instagram user, memes_of_siega, whose content is focused on the video game Rainbow Six: Siege.

However, the creator changed up a couple of things. Now, the meme was broken into four quadrants, got a new, white background and a fourth headache was also added.

Spread & Usage

How did Types of Headaches spread?

After the original Instagram post, it didn’t take too long for the meme to gain significant recognition on the Internet. More and more people used the template and created their own humorous version.

The meme mainly spread on Reddit and Twitter. One great example was posted on Twitter several days later than the Instagram post by the user chivaskangali.

The post received over 2,500 retweets and 11,000 likes and inspired many variations to be made.

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