What does Unless? mean?

Unless (also known as Just kidding… Unless?) is an umbrella term for a type of copypasta that makes a timid suggestion with an underlying flirty ulterior motive.

These copypastas often feature fictive characters or emoticons with two stances, one appearing receding, and the other being seemingly initiative.

The meme is also a snowclone, meaning it has an infinite number of permutations depending on the context it is given.



What's the origin of Unless??

The text, from which the meme originates from, was a Twitter post made by user indeprive in 2019.

The text was the following: “what if I… put my Minecraft bed… next to yours.. aha ha, just kidding… Unless?”

There had been other similar entries on Twitter before that, however, this was the post that gained popular recognition and it was the text that surfaced on many other platforms as copypasta.

Spread & Usage

How did Unless? spread?

This copypasta initially spread on Twitter, with the addition of the dual pictures of various cartoon, video game characters and pop culture icons.

The unless meme also made appearances on Instagram and Reddit as well, and it is also frequently inserted under posts on Facebook and other social media forums.

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