Unsettled Tom


What does Unsettled Tom mean?

Unsettled Tom, also known as Traumatized Tom is a paint-drawn image of Tom from the Tom and Jerry cartoon series, with a disturbed face.

Unsettled Tom meme dump


What's the origin of Unsettled Tom?

The original drawing appeared in a comic titled Fuds Choice 8, part of the Tails Gets Trolled series on Deviant Art in 2012, uploaded by user lazerbot.

One of the panels depicts Tom with the iconic facial expression.

Spread & Usage

How did Unsettled Tom spread?

The drawing started spreading as a reaction image on 4chan in 2013.

The meme, however became a popular one in 2019, when Reddit user inactive_meme posted the picture, with captions.

In the following months, “unsettled Tom” spread far and wide on the internet, appearing in various subreddits, as well as 4chan, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook meme groups.

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