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What does Vibe check mean?

A Vibe check is when you check on the subjective emotional state of another person or group of people.

You can either straight out say Vibe check and they will respond by describing their current feelings, or “vibe”, or for example a musician will Vibe check its audience.

A good performer can Vibe check the audience by playing a daring tune and see if they are positively or negatively reacting to it, and thereby make a decision for how they will continue the show.

The Vibe check somehow turned into a meme material where one character will yell Vibe check! and then show violence to the other person, to check how they react to the violence.

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What's the origin of Vibe check?

Twitter used @umru_ simply tweeted “Vibe check?” early 2019 and received nearly 200 likes for the phrase.

However, it was first in September the same year that the first meme featuring the phrase was created, showing one stick figure hitting another one with a bat.

Spread & Usage

How did Vibe check spread?

After the original tweet, the phrase was slowly spreading over the internet, first on twitter by other twitter users, then over to tumblr, and further to Reddit and meme pages.

Since, the phrase has been inserted into historical images, such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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