Wanna Sprite Cranberry


What does Wanna Sprite Cranberry mean?

Wanna Sprite Cranberry – not to be confused with Dirty Sprite – refers to a memorable quote, originating from a Sprite advertisement.

Online, the commercial spawned numerous parody videos as well as image macro memes.

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What's the origin of Wanna Sprite Cranberry?

“Wanna Sprite Cranberry” was first heard in the Sprite commercial, uttered by an animated representation of LeBron James.

The video was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Sprite on November 16th, 2017; however, it has since been deleted, only being available in reuploads.

By November 22nd, YouTuber VegetableJu1ce proved themselves as true Dingleberry and uploaded an earrape version of the commercial, with the title T H I R S T (Sprite Cranberry Earrape).

Spread & Usage

How did Wanna Sprite Cranberry spread?

“Wanna Sprite Cranberry” became a viral meme in December 2017, as image macros would pop up at the start of the month on sites like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and 4chan.

The was then forgotten, until a year later, as the holiday season of 2018 brought with it the newer iterations of the “Wanna Sprite Cranberry” image macros and parodies.

November and December have since proved to be periods, where the meme reemerges from the depths of the web, only to be forgotten again for a year.

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