We Will Beat You to Death


What does We Will Beat You to Death mean?

We will beat you to death is an ironic meme series, depicting fictional or real life characters, that are known to be harmless, paired with the phrase.

It is a comic take on the petty threats that are often encountered, while browsing.


What's the origin of We Will Beat You to Death?

The meme originates from 2017, when YouTube user Shadow Bonnie commented “i liek eggs” under the video titled Awkward Cricket Sound Effect.

This comment was answered by YouTube user unlimi7ed bread with the phrase “I will beat you to death”.

Spread & Usage

How did We Will Beat You to Death spread?

The screenshot of the comments on YouTube was uploaded and circulated on Reddit in 2018.

“We will beat you to death” was then used as a caption for images, depicting benevolent cartoon characters, or other harmless personas from popular culture.

Its popularity peaked after August, 2019.

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