Welcome To Chili’s


What does Welcome To Chili’s mean?

Welcome to Chili’s is a reference to the one of the most quoted Vine videos to date.

The short video featured a skinny blonde guy video recording himself while stepping into the bathroom, saying “Hi, welcome to chili’s!” in a weird posture with a funny facial expression.

Nowadays it is rare to come by Welcome to Chili’s, though the quote outlived the Vine and is still recognized by many.


What's the origin of Welcome To Chili’s?

The reference roots back to a 2007 Chili’s commercial that aired in the US, and contained the catchphrase “Welcome to Chili’s!

The original Vine, made by Adam Perkins, was uploaded to the platform in 2015.

Spread & Usage

How did Welcome To Chili’s spread?

When the platform of Vine was still alive, the original meme got remixed in great amounts, and was very popular, but with the site shutting down, the meme started to decline as well.

In 2021, various news sites gave out information about the former Vine star, creator of the Welcome to Chili’s vine, 24-year-old Adam Perkins suddenly passing.

This tragic event resurrected the love towards the original video and the vine started to yet again circulate around the internet.

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