Welcome to the Rice Fields


What does Welcome to the Rice Fields mean?

Welcome to the Rice Fields (Motherf*****) is an infamous quote from the legendary YouTuber, Filthy Frank from his video, titled “HOW TO SAY HELLO IN 30 LANGUAGES.”

The phrase had enjoyed great popularity by the fans of Filthy Frank, who turned it into a catchphrase and used it in several image macros, to create the dankest of memes. “Welcome to the Rice Fields” also became popular are a reaction GIF, as well as an exploitable video snippet, appearing in countless YouTube meme videos.

“Welcome to the Rice Fields” is White on Rice on the internet, as it made an integral part of meme culture.

Welcome to the rice fields


What's the origin of Welcome to the Rice Fields?

Although the original video has been long removed by YouTube, it was first uploaded to Filthy Frank’s first channel, DizastaMusic on August 25th, 2012, under the title “HOW TO SAY HELLO IN 30 LANGUAGES.”

The video showcased Frank performing regional and national stereotypes, presenting them as a way of saying hello. During the video, he presents several Asian countries, where he exclaims agressively in a straw hat “Welcome to the Rice Fields, Motherf*****!”.

The video amassed a large amount of success among Filthy Frank’s followers, who promptly began creating memes from the memorable moment.

It has been reuploaded to YouTube several times since its removal.

Spread & Usage

How did Welcome to the Rice Fields spread?

After the video’s been uploaded, Frank posted the catchphrase on his Facebook site as well, gaining plenty of likes and good feedback from his fanbase. Shortly after this, the clip was reposted on the subreddit r/youtubehaiku.

“Welcome to the Rice Fields” had become a meme since then, appearing in several image macros among the fans of Filthy Frank, as well as other communities.

The phrase had spread onto all the corners of the Internet, from social media sites to meme pages to even Urban Dictionary, where user OOGA BOOGA JOOGA GOOGA defined Rice Fields as “a place, where motherf****** get welcomed” – an obvious and hilarious reference to the sentence.

“Welcome to the Rice Fields” also became a go-to exploitable on YouTube, with countless meme videos and YouTube parodies featuring the clip.

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