We’ll Be Right Back


What does We’ll Be Right Back mean?

We’ll be right back is a type of remix series, using the abrupt ending tool from The Eric Andre Show at the apex point of videos.

This usually involves a freeze frame, paired with the graphic “We’ll Be Right Back” from The Eric Andre Show with the song Oregon Spirit by Rolf Kruger played in the background.



What's the origin of We’ll Be Right Back?

The format was created by Eric Andre, host of The Eric Andre Show, which launched in May, 2012.

The show became iconic for its habit of cutting off the scenes at their most intense moments, with the message “We’ll be right back” displayed.

Spread & Usage

How did We’ll Be Right Back spread?

YouTube remixes using the format started surfacing in April, 2015, with users uploading viral videos to the platform, only to cut off viewers at the most interesting moments.

These videos would later appear on other sites, including Twitter and Reddit.

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