Well Excuse Me Princess


What does Well Excuse Me Princess mean?

Well excuse me princess is an online slang expression, usually used as a reply to someone complaining or disagreeing with an enlightened notion.

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What's the origin of Well Excuse Me Princess?

The phrase comes from the thirteen-episode Legend of Zelda animated series, which ran between September 8th, 1989 to December 1st, 1989.

In every episode, Link says his catchphrase, after Princess Zelda’s complaints and grumbles.

Spread & Usage

How did Well Excuse Me Princess spread?

From 2004, there have been 9 YTMNDs created around the topic.

On YouTube several out of context clips also revolved around “well excuse me princess” and there have been several compilations made as well.

“Well excuse me princess” inspired countless YouTubePoop videos, similar to The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

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