Well We’re Waiting


What does Well We’re Waiting mean?

Well We’re Waiting is an image macro based on a screenshot taken from the 1980 movie Caddyshack.

It is a reaction meme that is usually utilized when somebody is impatient, trying to force out a response or an answer from somebody. These memes usually appear in an image or GIF format, captioned with an impact-style font, like the memes of the good old days.

Although the “Well We’re Waiting” meme never really went viral, it may still be adequately used in certain situations, and may be encountered on several accounts online, either in chat or message boards.


What's the origin of Well We’re Waiting?

The quote originates from Caddyshack, a 1980 American sports comedy film, directed by Harold Ramis, and written by Brian Doyle-Murray.

The plot revolves around the protagonist, Danny Noonan (portrayed by Michael O’Keefe), a young caddy at Bushwood Country Club trying to earn a caddy scholarship from Judge Elihu Smails (played by Ted Knight), the owner of the Country Club.

During the movie, a scene shows Danny participating in a golf tournament, attempting to take a shot. Hesitating, the protagonist ends up in a long halt that makes both the spectators and the Judge frustrated. This is the part when Judge Elihu utters the line: “Well we’re waiting.”

The scene, however, didn’t turn viral until three decades later, following a revival on the internet.

Spread & Usage

How did Well We’re Waiting spread?

“Well We’re Waiting” only became a meme in the early 2010s. In 2010, a short clip featuring the scene was uploaded on YouTube by the channel dan3014, generating over 500 thousand views as of today.

As a meme, “Well We’re Waiting” was featured on most prominent meme-sharing sites, such as RedditQuickmeme or Memegenerator, as well as Tenor and other GIF generating web pages.

It gained popularity in the years 2011 and 2013, however, as new memes appeared in later years, the Caddyshack reaction image slowly faded away.

Although, it may be encountered here and there online, the “Well We’re Waiting” meme is already a relic of a bygone era in internet history.

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