What Are Those


What does What Are Those mean?

What are those is a catchphrase that is generally used in context with hideous or unfashionable footwear.

It was popularized via a video trend on the platform Vine during the mid 2010s.



What's the origin of What Are Those?

What are those was an existing expression well before the videos popularized it.

An article of the term was uploaded to Urban Dictionary in 2011 by JOHNxRYAN95.

However, the original video was born in 2015, when a man, called Brandon Moore, addressed a police officer by calling him out on rocking a rather ugly pair of shoes, while yelling What are those, and uploaded the clip on Instagram.

Spread & Usage

How did What Are Those spread?

The clip spread first on Instagram and soon was added on Vine and then YouTube as well.

On Vine, what are those became a trend that launched a series of video remixes and parodies.

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