What If It Was Purple?


What does What If It Was Purple? mean?

What if it was purple? references to a popular skit from The Eric Andre Show, where the host reacts to several objects colored purple by either cheering or vomiting.

The scene was turned into a meme online, appearing on Reddit and YouTube in exploitable image macros as well as parodies.

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What's the origin of What If It Was Purple??

The skit was presented in Season 1 Episode 7 of The Eric Andre Show, which first aired on July 8th, 2012.

During the β€œWhat if it was purple?” game, Eric is presented with a pencil, Karl Rove and a rabbit, colored purple.

The first two times, the host reacts to the visual modification with cheering, however upon seeing the purple rabbit, Eric empties his stomach on the table.

Spread & Usage

How did What If It Was Purple? spread?

Memes of the scene started surfacing on Reddit, in the r/sequelmemes sub in January, 2018.

Posts on Tumblr and Dopl3r started emerging in December, 2018, with numerous characters turned purple, with Eric cheering in the neighboring panel.

On September 16th, 2020, YouTube user davidswrld uploaded a video titled WHAT IF IT WAS PURPLE (Among Us), merging the skit from The Eric Andre Show with the video game Among Us.

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