What If We Kissed


What does What If We Kissed mean?

What if we kissed is a cliché phrase meme, that revolves around the fantasy of kissing in an unconventional place.

The meme format usually involves emojis, to express shyness, as well as a photo of the place in question.

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What's the origin of What If We Kissed?

It is not known where the meme comes from.

What would you do if we kissed was a precursor meme, especially prevalent among manga and anime communities, being shared on Twitter and Reddit around 2015.

One of the earliest “what if we kissed” meme appeared on Reddit’s r/me_irl thread on September 15th, 2018, after u/h0bbez reposted it, asking “what if we kissed in the battle bus?”

Spread & Usage

How did What If We Kissed spread?

The meme spread onto other online platforms in 2018, including Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, with people wondering about the outcomes of a kiss in various strange or unreal environments.

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