What does Wheeze mean?

Wheeze refers to the punchline of an exploitable meme comic format, used for satirizing meme trends.

The comic depicts a man hearing a well-constructed joke with no reaction, then reacting to an absurd contemporary meme with a “wheeze”.



What's the origin of Wheeze?

The comic was first uploaded to Tumblr by patientno7 on April 23rd, 2016.

The original comic was used to mock and make fun of the then popular succ meme.

A photoshop edit of the comic was uploaded to Reddit’s r/me_irl subreddit the same day.

Spread & Usage

How did Wheeze spread?

“Wheeze” would become a prominent exploitable reaction image.

Most uploads of the meme occurred on various subreddits, such as r/me_irl or r/MemeEconomy, however it would also appear on sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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